• Opens Source Technology
    Scalable and Robust, Yet Free
    The zero cost of license ownership can be born from the fact that the system as
    enterprise as it may get is designed with a very low overhead resource capital input.
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  • Platform Independent
    Enterprise ARMS runs on every OS
    The system in its totality inherits the Java's credo "Write Once Run Everywhere"
    as this is to ensure that regardless of your choice OS, you are good to go with ARMS.
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  • Multi-Dimension Security
    Authentication & Authorization Model
    Been authenticated to the work space is just not enough for you have to be authorized
    to use any function within the system. Data encryption ensures security at the backend.
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Multi Campus

The system allows your institution to manage resources of all her schools and centers from a central control.

Community Access

Our Community Webtop allows your parents and students to have access to the system from anywhere.

Complete Solution

A complete solution architecture for all your academic and administraive challenges and problem statements.

A Free ERP System With Cutting Edge Advantage

Community Licence


A unique License that alows institutions to freely use and evaluate the west africa's most powerful home made ERP system 4 schools. Installation, training and support are available only through our community of affiliates or sales and/or support agents region wide.

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Commercial Licence


Dynamic License that gives academic institutions the flexibility of choosing from multiple affordable editions to meet specific academic & administrative operations and technical requirements with 24/7 dedicated support. You can choose from any of the LITE, PLUS or PEAK editions.

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Why Choose ARMS?

Executive Webtop allows the institutions directors, governors, executives etc. to have real time access to the schools data systems while the Community Webtop allow parents to access students relevant record from anywhere.

Regardless of the number of campuses (centers) your institution operates from, ARMS allows you to operate seamlessly and consolidate on the processess and functions from all the centers through a central to branches.

Ghost, lazy and time inefficient workers are fully erradicated in your institution's labour force system as every employee logs attendance and resumption and closing time biometrically (through fingerprints).

Been authenticated to the work space is just not enough for you have to be authorized to use any function within the system. Data encryption ensures security at the backend. Security roles are assigned on responsibilities.

School/Parents communication has never been better. Parents and guardians get real time alerts, notifying them on academic performance, conducts, health cases and others of their children/ward as due necessary.

If a dissatisfaction is experienced on the integration of ARMS with your operational management at the end of an academic period, we are contractually bound to refund to you, your initial payment (TCLO); 100%.

Our dedicated consultant(s) shall work closely with you at least fortnightly for the first term and at least once every term for the first session to ensure a successful and convenient utilisation of the Enterprise ARMS.

Screen Shots of Some of The Integrated Modules

ARMS Key Technologies


Oracle (MySQL) Server, Oracle 10g+.


JSP, Servlet, Bootstrap, AJAX.


Core (Oracle) Java, RMI, CORBA, EJB.

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