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Budgets and variance analyis, school fees register, billing & receipt generation, payroll, journals, cash book, inventory and fixed asset register..


Report sheet geneartion, class & subject attendance, timetable, promotions, scheme of works, class promotion and graduationlibrary management..


Biometric powered employment registration, timesheet, resume processing, score card, casual leave, credit management ID card generation..


Resident staff management, boarding student management, dormitory attendance, dormitory pass generation, dormitory exit permits..


Drivers registration, vehicle & school buses registration and routes, transit & fleet management, boarding pass generation, manifest register..


Biometric powered admission registration, scholarship, medicals, misconducts, prefects, behavioural assessments, guardian register..

Integrated services

SMS and email integration, direct image and data capture technology, biometric access control, merchant gateway for web based payment..

Other Features

Multi campus admin, community access (parents can access from anywhere), executive access (directors can access from anywhere).

ARMS For You

You can get your free ARMS license by sending an email to us @ with the following details:

  • Name of the Institution
  • Acronym for the institution (not more than 11 letters)
  • Website of the institution (if any)

Download any or combination of the ARMS deployment and documentation files, builds, binaries and or web archives (.war):

  • WHAT is ARMS

    OpensDigital Enterprise ARMS is an academic record and process management system engineered based on the Nigeria and West Africa education model.

    Enterprise ARMS is highly suitable for the process and records of academic and administrative operations in any given Nigeria and West Africa academic basic schools, "Enterprise ARMS Is The Best For The Job".

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